Wednesday, February 23, 2022


Good morning, happy hump day! It's another long day at the mother in laws and it's only 8:51 lmao.  I am so tired from Rusty whining and pacing to go out over and over last night. I took him out at 1am and then he kept acting like he didn't even go out. I was like there is no way you have to go again. At one point he settled down for a bit but then I got up again with him at 5am. Just had to pee and poop nothing special. Ugh. Old dogs aren't for the weak apparently.

One of the people who has probably bought hundreds of masks from me for her family and friends sent a bag over for me to repair (my neighbor works with her). I used to repair for free but I decided a long time ago that was stupid so now I charge $3. It's only $5 for a new mask but people will still pay it. I threw these in my bag to take to my MIL's yesterday. I got them taken apart where they need the repairs. These are all probably from the first batch of masks I made (minus one) since they still had the pipe cleaner nose pieces and some had elastic that was cut in half from wider elastic back when there was a shortage of that.

Guts lol

Now I just have to put in the new nose pieces and elastic but I forgot about them when I got home last night.

I was so bored yesterday I told MIL I had to run an errand and went to Goodwill. It is only like 2 minutes away, the perks of being in town! Everything is planned out for me to go anywhere when I leave my house in the country. The Goodwill here recently adjusted their prices so they are actually affordable again. The books and movies are only .99. I got 2 books for myself and the movies are for the baby. They had a ton of Disney so I asked Jess if they were needing any. She said their Toy Story 2 had died so I got a replacement. I already started reading The Boston Girl, so far so good! The costume patterns were less than $5 for all. Only 4 are uncut though so I'll have to go through and make sure they have all their pieces. I should be able to make about $50 off them or more. I got those 2 pieces of fabric thrown in with the patterns so that was cool. The Santas are really cute.

I came back and read a little then made dinner. This is "The Best Keto Meatloaf Muffins" only mine is not Keto since I just used regular panko and ketchup. My friend is doing Keto and we have been losing about the same and I still can eat a regular cheeseburger and fries so I'll stay with my way lol.

After dinner I went home and worked on my little Easter Coasters some more. Only a small pile left to trim again. This set is getting pretty scrappy to make them be the right size. We'll see what I end up with! I should be in the put them all together point at least by this weekend. 

I have 0 emails for work so far today. It is a ranking deadline so I will get busy next week and probably have to go into the office to do things. Not sure how we are going to work that other than either leaving his mom here by herself or Scott staying home from work. We shall see. Some day they will tell us when we have to go back to work again. Seems like it is coming soon but we have not got anything official. The girl who is acting as our boss right now is done at the end of the week and we don't know who is taking her place. Hopefully someone organized but there don't seem to be too many of those people.

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Being nosey - will you have to stay at your MIL forever or at least until you know.
I make my regular meatloaf and make them in cupcake tins all the time. I do the same with eggs. My hubby loves when you put a piece of ham (luncheon meat) in the cup cake tin, pour an egg in and cheese on top. Bake and yummo. I normally put spinach in after the ham but you know I don't have that now don't you? Lol

Julie H said...

@lol on the spinach!

If I have to go back to work I can't be here. I am the one who carries the insurance for our family :)

Anonymous said...

It seems that by you improving her diet, regulating her meals & meds, cleaning up her living conditions, and everything else you have done—at least that has given you the opportunity to honestly evaluate her condition and see for yourself what her needs are. Now you don’t have to wonder if there was something else you should’ve done and the family can determine next step care. Obviously that’s not going to be easy, but at least you’ve seen for yourself. I admire you! Molly in Michigan

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