Sunday, November 9, 2008

Another Sunday

Today started with not such a great start. We all slept in a bit but I was actually the first one up, followed by Melissa and Trevor. Trevor was doing his usual (lately) nagging Mahhhhaawwwmmm over and over. It gets a little annoying after awhile. Apparently I was "yelling all morning" Scott told me later after he finally got up around 10. That was in reponse to me telling him that I "hate when he does that" when Trevor was taking to him but he apparently couldn't hear him over the pull of the tv. Yeah great morning. I think that was the most we talked to eachother all day.

Took all the kids plus my nephew with us to the mall to take the boys to a birthday party for a class mate. It was at a "Pump It Up" place which is basically those big jumpers inside a building. Left the boys there and the girls and I went and had some lunch. Jessica ran into a friend so decided to go to the movies with her and Melissa and I walked around browsing the mall. Ran into my cousin in Target and talked to her for probably 1/2 an hour. Got the new Toby Keith CD.

Went back to pick up the boys and the birthday girls mom told me they had "lost Trevor" for awhile. Apprently he left the party and went looking for me. They finally found him out by the carousel which is in the middle of the mall. The party place is way over on one of the ends. Apparently a security guard was even involved. What I'm wondering is how the kid got past the person at the desk. Why no one called me (I left my cell phone on my permission slip for him to play), and why I'm not more freaked out. I keep thinking I should call and raise a stink but then I think well it's all ok now. But really they need some better kind of system I'm thinking!

After the party we went over to the cell phone place to try and get Jessica's old phone synced up with her new one (old one is broken) but apparently the guy that was helping her didn't know what he was doing. She got pissed and just erased all her stuff so we don't have to worry about that anymore.

Jessica made hot dogs for dinner. I took a little nap. Tried to read this book I've been reading forever and finally gave up. Moved onto another book I have from the library and I'm already half way through it. Funny how some books you can just struggle reading and others are super easy to read.

No school tomorrow for the younger kids. Jessica has school so I'll have to get up to give her a ride to the bus stop since I'm a nice mom. When she's 35 maybe she'll remember that ;o) Not likely lol.Pin It


~Sheila~ said...

sounds like a busy weekend. I like to encourage my kids to have group nap with me. They never really do but I still try.
I let Angel have all of the kids this weekend. He's been at work (away from home) so lots of nights is BBQs and drinks but no one is taking care of the kids (except me). I needed a break.

When he came home..he stepped up.
I love him for that

Barb said...

How scary is that! So glad this story had a happy ending.

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