Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Husbandly Love

Yesterday evening I went in my room to lay down and read my book for a bit because I was so miserable. I nodded off a bit here and there. Stuffed tissue up my nose when I was laying on my stomach reading my book so that I wouldn't have to keep wiping it.

Scott came home, and as usual came through the back door, which is in our bedroom. He saw how miserable I was. Came over and offered to get me anything I needed. I opted for some chicken noodle soup and some crackers.

He went into the kitchen and made it for me, bringing it in on a tray,

fluffing up my pillows so I could sit up and be more comfortable.

He then went into the kitchen and made the kids dinner, and had the girls do the dishes.

At 8:00 he reminded me that the Biggest Loser was on (the only show I watch all week). He put it on for me and made sure the couch was cleared off for me to sit down.

Then he went and made me some coffee.

It was so nice to be taken care of! After the show was over he asked me if he could run some bath water for me. The tub was a bit dirty so he cleaned the tub out for me first. I soaked in a nice hot bath and then got into my clean nightgown and went back to bed.


Too good to be true isn't it!

How it really went down.

Scott looks at me from the back door "you sick?"

Me "yeah, I'm dying"

Scott walks into the living room and sits down in the recliner and turns on the TV.

Jessica "anyone want mac n cheese"

Me "meee"


OK no one heard me "meeeee"

I hear everyone eating their mac n cheese.

WTH?? None for me?? I get up, go into the living room and hear that it's all gone.

Me "nice, you could have offered me some!"

Scott "it's all gone"

Me "that really sucks, I make you guys dinner all the time and no one asked me if I wanted some"

Scott "Jessica made it"

I go over to the couch and push all the kids crap out of the way and humph when I sit down.

Me "my shows on"

Scott "this is almost over"

I go into Melissa and Trevor's room looking for the remote so I can watch it in there.

Scott "it's over now, here you can have the remote"

I warm up some leftovers from the night before I start watching my show. When it's over I go take a shower and go to bed.

This morning I get up to this:


Mom's aren't allowed to get sick.Pin It


Chris H said...

I am soooo sorry, but the first scenario WOULD have been me.. Stew WOULD have done all of that for me! YOU NEED TO GO ON MUMMY STRIKE... and see how long they last with no food, no clean dishes and no remotes! You should, you really should! Oh and NO TALKING either, give them the silent treatment... it works! I would have been so pissed off if my family treated me like that!

Kellan said...

Oh, I had completely fallen for the first story - ACK! You poor thing! I hope you get to feeling better soon and that someone makes you some mac and cheese!

Take care - Kellan

Leslie said...

BTDT... hope you're feeling better soon!

~Sheila~ said...

You totally had me fooled with the first story. I was awwwing through the whole thing. Then you slapped me back to reality.

Angel would have gone and gotten me something to make me feel better (whether it was food or meds) and then he would take the kids away from me the whole day so I could rest.

You wanna borrow my Angel?

Connie said...

Exactly what my house looks like ... exactly. ;)

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