Friday, November 21, 2008

Feeling a little better!

Yesterday I was feeling a little stir crazy so I decided to go to town for a bit. I went to the post office, the library (found some scrapbook magazines in the sale room!), the thrift store and Wal Mart. I went to Wal Mart to look for these ball things Trevor kept talking about. I was happy I found them.

They had ONE for 4.99 or this 3 pack for $10.00 so I got one for him and one for my nephew. They were totally excited when I gave them to them and played with them all day.

Sometime this morning Trevor climbed into my bed and a little later I felt something. Realized it was his little toys lol. Too cute! Think we'll have to make a rule to only take one to school though. Knowing him he'd give them away because someone wanted one!Pin It


Barb said...

My son is making me crazy over these things and there are almost impossible to find. Congrats and glad you are feeling better.

AFRo said...

Congrats on the Bakugans. We got our first two this past weekend at LK's birthday party. They're really small, but I agree that the entertainment factor is priceles.

~Sheila~ said...

How hilarious. Dom just got a 3 pack yesterday. Yup, at Walmart.
That's uncanny.

glad you are feeling better.

Rick said...

$3.33 for all day entertainment. A good investment.

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