Monday, November 17, 2008

Highlights? of my day

I started off this morning at the usual time of 6:30. Actually I was awake at 6 laying there wondering why I was so wide awake. Anyhow got up and made Jessica a sandwich for her lunch and decided the little kids could buy hot lunch today since we had nothing to go with their sandwiches and we were out of grape jelly and Melissa will NOT eat anything else. (Really, I don't know how that kid survives with what she eats).

Took Jessica to the bus stop, came home, took a shower and spackled my face, got the little kids up, made them breakfast, took them to school. Then I went over to my mom's since we had a date for the dumps. Yeah. Seriously that's how exciting my life is. She got new mattresses and wanted to take the old ones to the dumps and I had an old box spring that needed to go so that's what we did. Some nice guy took pity on us poor women and threw them out of the truck into the big pit for us. So nice!

After that we went to McD's and had some nice greasy breakfast and then went to the grocery store, then home.

Then I mowed the lawn. I mowed the lawn because my hint to my husband that "if you're bored the back yard is starting to look like a jungle" just got a snort in respose. So I decided instead of feeling bitchy about it I'd just mow it myself. So I did. Then I came in the house and turned on the ac. In November. Ok only for a little bit until I cooled down.

Sat around and played on the computer a bit and printed off all my ebay shipping labels. Jessica walked home from the bus stop (whoops forgot that she got off early today) and pretty soon it was time to pick up the littel kids. Went and picked them up and attempted to get water but the water machine wasn't working. Came home and began working on hemming Jessica's dress for band.

Jessica is in "concert band". They were long black dresses that cost $50 and apparently come unhemmed, long enough for your amazon cross dressing man to wear. I spent 4 hours hemming that fucking dress today. FOUR HOURS. I hate that dress. I'm half tempted to MAKE her do band next year just to get my time back out of it!!

Picked up Melissa at 4 (I was still hemming the dress) from gate. Got water at the little store, bought some Diet Coke and Ice Cream since I'm sick and I deserve it. Came home and worked on the dress some more (hours 2-3 1/2). Made dinner (Meatloaf) and then took a break from the dress. Finally got up enough nerve to finish the dress (last 1/2 an hour on it). Then I was going to do the dishes but Scott made Jessica come out and do them since that was part of the deal for the Ipod. (yeah I'm that soft I was just going to do them myself).

Did a load of laundry and now I'm here. Whoop whoop. My life is so exciting! Scott got home from work at 7:30, ate dinner, played with Trevor for a few minutes on the guitar and now he's sacked out on the couch already.

Pretty sure he didn't even notice I mowed the lawn.Pin It

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Chris H said...

Freakin men have is easy I reckon! I refuse to mow lawns... cos I know once I start it will become yet another job I always end up doing! AIN'T gunna happen.

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