Friday, June 5, 2009

Gophers are evil

Started this morning at 6:45 AM.


It's freaking summer time??

Apparently the 6 year olds body is still on school time. Or earlier than school time. Guess that's what I get for making him go to bed at 9 which turned into closer to 10 last night.

So he was up and I eventually got up and he was already on the computer so I didn't do the drawing for the book yet. I think I'll do it on Monday. I'm sure you are all so upset and just don't understand why I'm such a slacker.

Ate some breakfast and put on my grubbies and went out to work in the yard. Sunk a ton of bricks for my new border. Noticed a gopher ATE one of my flowers in the flower bed along the walkway. Fucker. I wonder how long it will be before he eats the rest of those flowers.

Went to take the dog off the chain and see she's LAYING in my flower bed on the side. She ripped out several of my plants and smashed a few others. So on mommy's shit list.

Washed my hands and pulled Trevor away from the computer so we could go pick up Jessica at her friend's house. She said it was so boring because her friend has a new boyfriend and talked on the phone to him the whole time she was there. Reminds me of my high school trip to Mexico and my best friend that LOCKED ME OUT of our room at one point to talk long distance to her now husband. Me=pissed.

Anyhow, got home, went back out to the dirt. Noticed how when I bend over everyone gets a view of the titties. Maybe that's why all the guys drive down the street now?

Sunk more bricks.

Called mother in law and got her to agree to watch Trevor while I went to lunch with my Dad and Aunt. ::cheers::

Came in and took a shower and then off to drop off Trevor then to lunch.

Had lunch then took Jess to get her hair cut and eyebrows waxed. ::insert an hour of complainging about how bad her eyebrows hurt now:: Went in Target to get an anniversary card for tomorrow. They need to make a card that says. I love you enough not to leave you and WOW we actually made it another year. Here's to hoping we make it to the next one. Don't piss me off and we just might!!

Picked up Trevor and listened to MIL tell me how she was always glad when her kids were home for summer vacation. Yeah.
Came home, back out to the dirt. I hate the fucking pile of dirt that is covering the weeds. HATE it with a passion. I think I might be done with that one area in 2020 or something.

While I was fighting the freaking grass Trevor is wanting to paint this car thing he made. Jessica comes out to held and spray paints it DIRECTLY ON THE PORCH. So now we have a nice white box outline. She just couldn't understand why I was upset I told her when she buys a house I'm going to come spray paint her porch (and paint on the floor in the bedroom and put 1000000 tacks in the wall..)

Oh and while we were out there Trevor actually SAW a gopher come out and steal one of my flowers!! He only took a flower HEAD but still!! Little fucker!! I tried to chop his head off with the shovel but I think I missed. How dare he steal my flowers!!!

The only bottle of wine I have left tastes like shit. MUST buy something that tastes better. TG no one picked this one to drink at bookclub. I can just imagine what they would have said.Pin It


Sarah said...

OK I am busting a gut..sounds like my day. DON'T waste the wine..put it in punch, or something..:O)

~Sheila~ said...

I actually planted some stuff that one of my patients gave me. Don't ask me what it is/was. She said all I have to do is stick it in the ground and water it.

Let's see if she's right.

That sucks. All your hard work and a gopher comes and snatches flower heads.
hope you get it.

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