Thursday, June 4, 2009

Lightening Storm

Mother nature put on quite the show here last night! I woke up to the lightening flashing in my bedroom. Lighting the whole thing up! I tried to wake up the hubster to watch it with me but he slept through it all. The kids were with my mom so the cat and dog watched it with me!

We don't get lightening like this very often where we live. I think the last time there was something that exciting it was about 10 years ago!Pin It


Heather said...

I love lightening storms. I just don't like the big thunder that can come with them. We have storms here so bad that the thunder shakes the house. It's unnerving.

Chris H said...

I love storms too.
I couldn't hear any thunder!
You are so lucky, your husband does not snore!

~Sheila~ said...

I showed the kids the video of the lightening storm and they loved it. They were awake when the storm was going on here too. They think it's awesome and scary at the same time.

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