Friday, June 12, 2009

The OTHER Side

....of the yard.

Since I'm pretty much done with the one side of the yard,

I've turned my attention to the OTHER SIDE.

I spent all day today scraping and digging out the dirt in the front. I figured I'd start there so we can get the rest of the rock/gravel stuff so it won't look so dumb with just that little bit in the front.

This is after all day working out there. I filled up about 4 wheel barrows full of dirt (dumped them on the driveway side). Lucky for me most of what was growing there was clover. I'm a little deeper in the yard now so there is more grass/fox tail/weeds and that is much harder to get out. I gave it a good soak and will work on it some more tomorrow.

I'm hoping I can sweet talk Scott into putting in the boards for the edging (that's why I made the cut in the yard there like that).

Not quite sure how I'm going to work the paper box area since I've since changed my mind about having those african violets grow all down the front. I'm thinking maybe just frame it out like the rest of the yard. I'm also thinking of making it a little shorter on the back side so the board can go straight to the edge of our "official yard". Kind of sad about moving those though since they are finally blooming after being transplanted there from my Mom's yard several months ago.

Oh and Trevor got stung by a bee or a wasp on his finger while we were out there. Thank God he didn't have a reaction. Scott is allergic to bees so I'm always worried that the kids are going to be too. I think Melissa is the only one that hasn't been stung now. Although it could have been a wasp and I know Scott doesn't have a reaction to those like bees. I never did see what it was that stung him but there was no stinger stuck in him, just a little hole.

Off to go do the dishes and make dinner. Hopefully I don't fall asleep at the sink!Pin It


Chris H said...

You are a tiger for punishment mate! I can't believe you have already started on the other side!

Scary Mommy said...

I'm way impressed. My garden is a total embarrassment--- I have the best intentions, but never get around to doing a thing!

~Sheila~ said...

My goodness woman! You are such a hard worker! You are awesome. should come and visit me for like a few weeks. You will NEVER be bored here!! There's so much work to do!

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