Thursday, June 18, 2009

Through The Eyes Of A Six Year Old

Hey Peeps!! Trevor here!

Here's a little peek into what I like to do.

Hello, see my tooth I lost? I lost it last week. I put my tooth under my pillow, and then, I woke up, and I had a DOLLAR!! And the toothfairy?? She didn't even take my tooth!! It was on the floor!! Mom said she must have dropped it or something...

Can you see my projects I work on over there? Mom likes to sit in the dirt and when she does that?? I like to work on my CAR. My grandpa gave me wheels, and see there's my hammer. And my tank!! It's a remote control.

Here's my cat Sydney. She gets mad if I hold her. I do it anyways. I chase her ALL over and then, and then, I stuff her in the laundry basket!!

Here's my MySpace picture! MOM!!! How do you spell MYSPACE???

Here's my drum set and my hot wheels track and look I'm watching Spy Kids 3 AGAIN!!

Here's my friends, Fluffy and Fluffy. Mom calls them Fluffy and Max. But that's not their names. That's Fluffy there on the right, wait, which side is the right side again??

OH look what my mom was doing!! She's looking at naked men on the computer!

Here's my naked..

MOM HERE: OMG he took pictures of his member.

Delete delete delete.

Must have disccussion tomorrow on what is appropriate to take pictures of.

Here's my sister Melissa.

She's yelling at me to Stooouuuuppppiiittttttt

like usual. It's fun getting her to make that noise.

Vote for me on MyYearbook! I have like 10000 friends!!

Peace out!


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Barb said...

What a great post! Thanks for the smiles this morning Trevor!

Sarah said...

OMG..I have tears in my eye. I can see you jumping in there to stop photo taking!!!!!

~Sheila~ said...

Trevor is too cute!
I love that you made it from his point of

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