Saturday, June 13, 2009

Saturday Scraping

Today in the "what did you get done catagory" we have:

Scraped/dug out the rest of the grass in the front. I think my elbow, leg, knee, neck and butt are going to fall off.

Scott came out when I was almost done and started talking to me. It was HOT and I was trying to hurry up and get done to take Melissa to the store to buy a gift for a birthday party. I can't remember what he was saying to me but I do remember telling him to go in the house because he was annoying me or help. He went inside.

When I was done we made a quick trip to Target and got a present for the party, a shirt I promised Melissa for taking the kids to the playground a week or so ago, a toy for Trevor that he spent his graduation and tooth fairy money on and a new little shovel for me. $50 later we were out of there :cough:

Got home and had a little bit of time to kill so went over to my mom's place a bit and talked garden talk and what not. Came home and had some lunch then took Melissa to the party.

Then we went to Home Depot and got the wood to frame out the front and the walkway for the "new" side of the yard. The wood is currently still in the truck (sadly, I was hoping to get that done today). We got 12 foot boards which were about $3 more than the 8 foot boards. I thought that was a pretty good deal. Originally I was just going to get enough to go across the front and to frame out where the paper box is but with the money we saved with the longer boards we got enough to do most of the walkway area.

Scott came out with THIS old dinosaur he finally got working. He was wearing sandals and I thought for sure he was going to cut his foot off. That thing is SO loud my ears were ringing when I went in the house.

This is what he got done and how he left it. I guess I'll work on cleaning that up tomorrow.

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Chris H said...

I hope that old dinosaur makes short work of the grass! Take a break ... you are doing so much!

thecraftjunkieblog said...

Well hello fellow gardener. I love seeing your yard projects and can relate to your "hubby" struggles and getting him to help with the yard! "I'm too old for this. I can't be digging that ditch for the water feature anymore!" That's ME saying that. Not him.

Thanks for your comments on my blog. Funny we were so close in location recently. Keep up the great work!

~Sheila~ said...

Funny how when you tell someone to either go away or help...they always run.

Looking good.
I need to have a tiller run through my yard....or a bulldozer.

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