Thursday, June 4, 2009


So today I worked on weeding part of this "patch" that is left. ALL freaking day, I did one row all the way around (shovel's width or so). I was feeling really discouraged, feels like I'm never going to get done!!

I had to go and pick up the kids at my mom's house around 4:30 so I stopped a bit before then and went to get them. Got home around 7 and finally had some ideas.

I was going to try and go all "natural" like just filled with flowers and such but I'm not really a mixed up kind of girl. I got this idea to use some more bricks to do an edging. This is just a "thinking visually" kind of thing here but what do you think?

I'll put them in the ground of course but that's just a general idea. Also the big pile on the left still needs to be weeded and broken down quite a bit.

Oh and don't mind that random brick laying by itself.Pin It


Chris H said...

Our anniversary is tomorrow (saturday) 6/6/87 is when we got married.... so same day as you!
Yes we are 24 hrs ahead of you guys!

~Sheila~ said...

I say lay the brick right down the middle and make another little walkway with flowers on each side.

Ummmm....What do I know.

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