Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Debbie Downer

Gosh I feel like Debbie Downer lately. It would be so much more fun to be like Debbie Does Dallas don't you think?

The vibe here is not good.

I took Jess in to get her filling. When we got there they were telling me that I need to pay more money for past visits because they didn't charge me enough. Nice.

Then Jess went and got her filling and they did it without numbing her and now shesomggoingtodieandhertoothhurtssobad.

If you look at her she'll bite your head off.

Scott just got home with Trevor from football practice. In the 100 degree heat. They were supposed to weigh again tonight or else I probably would have just kept him home since it's so hot.

But of course they didn't. And when they got home Scott weighed him on our scale and does the "there's no way" because it looks like now he's TEN pounds over. Nevermind that the kid just probably drank a gallon of water.

I'm so torn about the whole football thing. He seems to like going now and the exercise is great for him (just not when it's so hot). But he's probably not going to be able to play and that's going to suck. He can sit out for the first 3 games if he doesn't make weight and then they say they boot them off the team.

So there's like 3 weeks.

Not sure what to do.

Oh and the dog ate Trevor's DS today. Thank God I bought it used from someone but that still really freaking sucks and I need to hide it before Scott sees it and freaks out. He's already like a stress case.

AND I'm out of booze!! WHAAAAAPin It


Sara Strand said...

Dude- I will send you money for booze. LOL. That does suck and for everyone's sanity- I hope Trevor makes the team. At least that's something you can work on, right? Everything else is just kind of on going. I'm not helping you at all here. LOL. :)

Stacy said...

Holy crap! No wonder you're feeling down. I hate seeing them be so serious about kid's sports. Whatever happened to playing for fun?

Hope everything looks better soon. :)

MJ said...

Agreed, whatever happened to kids' sports?! And also agreed, for everyone's sanity I hope he does make the team. Sucks that ur out of booze, maybe you could have given some to the omgI'mgonnadieithurtssomuch teenager for the pain to go away, lol!

Chris H said...

Sounds like you really need your booze mate!

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