Sunday, August 29, 2010

What the hell???


I just want to scream
When I see all the laundry that's piled up.
I'm pretty sure I just had it caught up?
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Joyce said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. Pretty sure I'd scream too if that were my laundry pile : ) On the bright side, your dog looks cute all curled up there. Our old dog loved to lay on the clean clothes. That can make you want to scream too. Have a great week!

jb said...

Is that a mirror making it look like there's even more laundry than there really is? You need to cover that up. lol

- JB

Barb said...

Yeah I'd be screaming too ~ time for the kiddos to learn to do their own laundry!!!

kristi said...

haha sometimes i feel like the dog and just want to lie down and pretend like everything is in order. ;)

Junk Drawer Kathy said...

Oh, dear God. Are you sure the neighbors aren't sneaking into your house and leaving their laundry too? You have my deepest sympathies.

Sara Strand said...

It kind of looks like your dog is scared for it's life. LOL. :)

I would kill. I mean, you certainly couldn't be held accountable for your actions when your laundry area looks like this.

Um...I think it's time your kids learn to do their own...dontcha think? I'm seriously counting down the days!!

Anonymous said...

yeah, I want to know if that is a mirror! no mirrors in the laundry room!

We have a hamper for whites, reds, towels, my clothes, kids clothes and dh's clothes (all separate). Makes it easier come laundry time! I never have it caught up, just dump in a hamper once in a while! It looks like your family needs a lesson in laundry and not make you do it all!


Chris H said...

Mirrored doors in your bedroom? oOOO how kinky!
Serously... that much laundry would make me scream too!

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