Thursday, August 26, 2010

Just when you wished I was done talking about football

So the bad news is that Trev didn't make weight today and won't be able to play in the first game this weekend. The good news is that it won't really count against him since he hasn't officially weighed in yet (they get 3 official weigh-ins) and that I don't have to be in another city that is 45 minutes away at 7:00 am. on Saturday morning.

That would be REALLY early.

The coaches were really cool about it and were saying that they are confident that he will make it in time to be able to play. We're going to go back to no processed food again and only fruit for snacks. I forgot that that was what we were doing when he got down a bit before. We've slowly worked those back in and they really aren't healthy anyways.

I asked him if he still wants to play football. He didn't even hesitate and said yes.

I think I finally got Scott to see things in a different light. I told him to think of how he felt every time he disappointed his dad. How did that make him feel? We don't want to make him feel that way. He's supposed to be having fun. We need to look at this as a way for him to hang out and play with other boys his age and he's getting tons of exercise which is doing him a ton of good. I think maybe the man finally "GOT IT". Let's hope anyways.  I'm feeling way more optimistic about the whole thing now.

Another plus is that starting next week they are only practicing 3 days a week instead of 5. I think I'll be able to function a lot better with that extra time where I'm not sitting at the ball field!!Pin It

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Chris H said...

Is Trevor too heavy to play in his age group?
That is sad, you don't want to have him on a diet at his age!
Griffin is 53 kilos and he's only 8... but he's tall too. I don't want to put him on a diet and make him worry about being 'fat' so young.
Unless I have read this wrong?

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