Saturday, August 28, 2010

Trash or Treasures

Last night I was hanging out with my mom and the neighbor gal at her little house out by me. It's the total country house. We were sitting in the big wire basket chairs that my mom picked up somewhere sipping some cocktails and talking. Somehow we got on the subject of wedding photos.
So what do you do with pictures that you can't have out? Over the years I have accumilated quite a few pictures from when my mom and dad were together.

They started dating when she was fourteen, so I guess that would have made him fifteen. They seperated when I was about 5 months old so my mom was about 22. I obviously don't ever remember them being together. So for me, it's kind of cool to see the old pictures. I made a little scrapbook with just their pictures.

These dance pictures were taken at my dad's mom's house, so we have the added bonus of the memories that come of being with Grandma when we look at them.

Plus look at her hair! So cool. All that without bumpits!

I love this picture from their wedding.

Can you say 70's? Mom says she was pregnant in this picture, which if you look closely you can see her pants are unbuttoned lol. That's my dad and my dad's sister Aunt Corine. They are standing in front of the same Grandma's house.

Even though people don't stay together I don't think you should ever throw out the pictures. They are a part of your history.
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Barb said...

I couldn't agree more. I just can't throw away pictures. Most of the pics from my ex including the wedding, I gave to my daughter. I know they mean a lot to her.

Chris H said...

I love looking at old photos too!

Pseudo said...

Your mom is so beautiful. I love the 60's and 70's photos. A child of the 60's, a teen of the 70's, those were styles I remember first hand.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I totally agree with you. There's a commercial for plastic surgery where a woman says she's going to have a party and burn all her old pictures. You're going to erase who you were?!

Grand Pooba said...

Wow, I love looking at old pictures, especially wedding photos! And I agree, I don't think you should ever throw ANY pictures away. Even if you happen to hate that person with a passion, they are or were a part of your life!

You just can't throw them away.

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