Monday, August 30, 2010

dun dun dunnnn

Arf I'm slightly annoyed. Nothing new around these parts is it?

My brother just called a bit ago and NOW they are planning to elope in Reno.

The weekend before I wanted to have a big party for Scott's 40th Birthday.

Eloping is fine, much cheaper than cruises and hey I won't have to move chairs! BUT of course my nephew has to be there, so that means ALL MY KIDS. Which probably means either sneaking an extra in a room or getting two rooms which is $$. Oh and I just looked online and there are no rooms on the website. Which means they are all going to be booked and super expensive or we're staying in a rent by the minute place (not going to happen).

I wish they would have planned a bit farther out. Secretly hoping my other brother has to work that weekend so they have to change the date...

and on a totally different note, does anyone ever try to comment on the Dooce website? You have to register to post comments. Wow I can't even imagine being that awesome of a blogger!

and never google wedding ring hands. Unless you want to see something really gross.Pin It


Pseudo said...

I haven't been over at Dooce's in awhile, but when I read her regularly, I didn't comment.

And I hope your brother changes the date. Eloping means not telling anyone until after, and if you want people to come, you should let them know enough in advance to make it worth their spending the money. We got married in Tahoe, but set it up 6 months ahead in case anyone wanted to come.

Chris H said...

I have never read Dooce... probably won't either!
Wedding ring hands... well you had to KNOW I would go and look didn't you? Nice. Finger has been deglove'd... as in all the skin etc ripped off the bone... some guy did that here a while ago.. gross .... ta for that. lol

Grand Pooba said...

I'm a dooce bag! I don't comment that often but because we live in the same city I feel like I have the right to. Haha! I'm still waiting to run into her on the street one day :)

Now wait a second. I thought eloping meant NOT planning? If you make plans to elope is it really eloping? lol

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