Wednesday, January 18, 2012


My paperwhites on my desk at work got super huge while I was gone for four days. I have a little overhead light in one spot and I had set them under there. When I came in to work they were all scrunched up on the light! So they are moved over to a spot with more room. I have a couple of blossoms. Pretty sure it should be all bloomed out except for that little under achiever on the right.

Last night I listed a bunch more vintage patterns in my Etsy shop.

Hopefully tonight I'll be able to list a few more thngs! I'm having fun working on my shop! I'm looking forward to garage sale season.Pin It


GypsyFox said...

whoa that's crazy awesome!! Valentine's Giveaway

Domestic Fashionista said...

Love your paper whites! And I checked out your Etsy shop! Some very cute vintagey stuff! :)

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