Thursday, May 17, 2012

Just A Little Grocery Shopping

Yesterday I needed to go to the grocery store. Trevor wanted to go because he needed new shoes and he knows when I go "to the store" he might get something. Melissa also wanted to go along because she wanted to get a new bathing suit. I don't think I've bought her one in a few years and she's grown about three feet taller so it was about time.

So we head off to town and decide to start with Penny's to look for a bathing suit. Penny's is in the mall so I knew we could get Trevor's shoes while we were there.

Now my Melissa has the cutest little body. She just turned 13 and is probably about 5'8" or 5'9" tall now. She weighs about 125 pounds. AND she would be totally happy still shoppping in the little girls section but they just don't fit anymore :sad:

So we get in the store and the only things they have are "women" type bathing suits with heavy padding or teeny tiny triangle bikinis.

Oh and while she's looking Trevor has to go to the bathroom. Is it just my kid or does everyone else's kid have to go poop every time you are out shopping?  I always feel so weird hanging out outside the bathroom waiting, waiting, waiting. I'm always opening the mens room door and asking if he's almost done. I'm sure the men in there love that.

While I was waiting for him Melissa sent me a text that she was going to Target (also in the mall). Target was a bust, their stuff has been out since Christmas and is pretty picked over.


Nothing. (hardly any of anything, that store is bare bones!)

Macys had a few cute things but :cough: $88 just for the top? Ummm no.

Inbetween all those stores we got Trevor a new pair of shoes. I realized that while we were walking through the mall that my son walks like a duck. He does not place his heel down on the ground when he walks but slaps his feet straight down. I guess 9 is a little late to teach him how to walk properly?

Also while in Payless Shoe Source (which just happened to be the busiest store in the mall) I was trying to look for some shoes but this stupid woman was all up in my space. I gave up quick because I just couldn't enjoy the whole looking for shoes experience with her breathing down my neck. Holy crap back up!!

Oh and I had to buy my son "mens" sized shoes. Same damn shoes as the kids but cost $10 more when you cross over to the other section. Which might be ok if they lasted more than two months tops.

After we had went through Macy's I was starving so we stopped and ate in the food court. I was kind of craving the Japanese place and had them make me a dish with more veggies instead of rice. Pretty sure there was a bucket of oil on there but I only felt slightly nauseous after scarffing it all down.

On the way out of the mall we stopped at the new reptile store. Yes, we have a reptile store in our mall. Full of huge snakes and iguanas and monitors and turtles! It's like a little zoo. But more scary. I'm pretty sure this store is not going to last long with a teeny tiny turtle going for almost $200. Last time I looked we didn't have have too many rich people that actually shop in our small mall.

These guys acted like they wanted to play. Probably just wanted to bite though.

So by this point it's after 6 and we still haven't hit the grocery store, but we go to my least favorite store in the world, Wal Mart. Wal Mart wouldn't be so bad if they weren't constantly remodeling it. NOW they are making it bigger, I'm guessing to make it a Super Wal Mart. Amazingly the first thing we saw when we walked in was the bathing suits. They had ONE that Melissa liked and it just so happened to be her size. Of course no matching bottoms but she found some that worked and only took about an hour to try them on. I'm sure it wasn't that long but when you have a 9 year old trying to talk you out of the last 3 cents in your wallet to throw down the starving children in china's bucket, every minute seems like a million.

Finally she was done and it fit (woohoo) and we were off to the grocery store. Where they fought over him being on the end of the cart that she HAD to push for 90% of the trip.

Remind me next time I have to go grocery shopping to just sneak out when no one is looking.

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Why Girls Are Weird said...

Oh goodness, I don't think I'd be able to handle all that!

Sara Strand said...

I hate Walmart as well. :( But I hate also hate grocery shopping, especially with kids. Blech.

Chris H said...

OMG your shopping trip sounds JUST LIKE MINE.
Griffin acts just like your Trevor... and he has men's size feet too.
Melissa is TALL for her age!
Hell I'm only 5'4" !!!

Anonymous said...


I guess I have it easy, no one ever wants to go anywhere. Kyle tells me what he needs and I get it, about once a year lol

wow, tall and skinny!! Ashley is 5'5 and 125

BeautifulDees said...

Tall is great...I am 5'8 and my daughter is 5'9 and she is so beautiful. I hope your gal has a good out look on how she look's,because it took me too long to accept being tall,because the rest of my family are short.
Good self image, that's a must.
Have a great weekend.

Ashley Urke | Domestic Fashionista said...

oh man...laughing at your shopping fiasco...only because I have dealt with the same thing! I hate it when I get distracted and leave grocery shopping to the then I have lost all my energy!

Jill of All Trades said...

Ah, shopping with the kiddos. For years there was an edict in my household that my girls were NOT allowed to go to the store with me. It was my getaway place. I actually walked out of a store, leaving the shopping cart when one of mine lost it. I warned her and followed up on the threat. That was the end of her shopping experience for a bit.

So hate Wal-Mart too but what do you do when they have what you NEED.

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

I don't even like to take my husband grocery shopping so this event would......

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