Sunday, May 20, 2012

Another Baby Shower

Yesterday I went to my cousin's baby shower. My mom rode with Jess and I (Melissa ditched us to hang out with her friends) and my sister in law met us there.

I only took a few pictures since my mom was taking a lot and I can just steal hers later.

Jess took this one with her phone. Look, I have a chin line!! And a neck!

Here is one that someone took of us, I was trying not to laugh since we were all busting up about something.

Awkward moment? When you realize your (step) aunt is there and the last words you ever said to her was F&*K You!! Years ago but um yeah awkward.

I also got to see my "flower girl" (step aunts daughter) for the first time in years and years. Mom got a picture of her I'll share once I get it. She has a little girl who looks exactly like her. Amazing.

The mother in law made the cake, it was not only beautiful but DELICIOUS!! Jess didn't finish hers and I started in on it and she saved me by taking it away. I really think it was worth another ride around the club on the bikes!

And of course, the new mommy. Babies are such a blessing but when I really am happy that I can never have any more! I'm so done with that. The couple in the background had boy-girl twins in that stroller. They were SO good the whole time. They had everyone cracking up because they kept making each other laugh.

After I got home I made shrimp quesadillas. I ended up making mine with only one tortilla and folding it over to get the calories down a bit more (that cake was gooood). Then Trevor, Scott and I went for a bike ride around the lakes and I ended the night with a glass of wine over at my mom's little place.  

I'd call that a pretty nice Saturday!!
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Chris H said...

Wow gorgeous cake!
And yes! You have a chin... and a very fine chin it is. lol

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