Monday, May 21, 2012

My Letter To Wal Mart

Dear Wal Mart, 

I try to not shop at Wal Mart in my area for a few reasons but I had to run in there today. 

I just wanted to send you an email and tell you how much I appreciated your cashier "Maurice" at your Manteca Store. He greeted with me a smile, told me "welcome to Wal Mart", talked to my son, gave him a high 5, asked me if I found everything ok and was just just an awesome cashier. 

Usually when I go to your store I walk away thinking that you REALLY need to give some customer service lessons. 

Maurice is YOUR MAN!! He should be in charge of teaching ALL YOUR EMPLOYEES (and the Tracy store) how to act.

5 STARS for a great employee. If I have to go back to your store I will look for Maurice's line.


Mom Taxi Julie
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Anonymous said...

awesome! Glad you did that. It's probably not easy working at walmart lol!!

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

My 84 yr old father is a greeter at WalMart. He loves it. He loves giving stickers to the kids. He says they hug him.

Once when I went back home to visit i just stopped in there first. Now I hate WalMart but I'll go to see Dad. As I stood at the door I saw all these kids huggin' on my father. Mom's thanking him. It was so damn cute. Keeps him busy and they love him. He brings in the carts and all that. He acts like they can't live without him and he won't ask for a day off. But i think at times he keeps him alive you know what I mean?

Jennifer Owens said...

Good customer service at Walmart? Who would have thought?! Kind of amazing! (o:

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