Thursday, May 10, 2012

When I grow up

Trevor and I went for a bike ride around the lake tonight.  Scott finally found the bike tire pump so now we can pump up our tires and hope that they actually hold air all the way around the lake.

Yesterday when we went for our ride he told me how much he loves it when we ride bikes together. ::::Ahhhhhhhh::::: so cute. So I told him today that I'd ride with with him after dinner. (plus it burns quite a few calories, which is awesome!)

So I sent him out to pump up the tires (some day I might remember to actually buy another patch kit) and we were off. We rode by a neighbor's house and she hollered out that she had something for me and to stop on my way back.

We made it around without any flat tires. The neighbor, who is a mom of one of the kids Jessica went to school with in elementary school was visiting with another school mate's mom on her front porch. They had rescued a book from the kid's old first grade teacher and gave me a few pictures that Jess had drawn.

It felt all weird sitting there talking to other mom's about our kids graduating and moving on.

I came home and gave the pictures to Jess. She took a picture of one and gave them back, not too terribly impressed. A few minutes later I see this on Facebook and she put "thank God my aspirations have changed".

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Eric W. Harper said...

Doesn't she want a waitress job this summer? :)

Julie H said...

@Eric, I think she'd take anything for now!

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

I love this! So cute.

I remember when my step daughter wanted to be a cashier - she loved the idea of pressing all those keys (b4 computers)She talked about it all the time.
She is now about to be 32 and she is NOT a cashier but an occupational therapist....she's come a long way. :-)

Chris H said...

hee hee, that is funny. A waitress!

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