Monday, August 13, 2012

1st Day of School

Well today was the big day! Scott woke me up nice and early at 4:27 am by yelling "OH SHIT!" because he had slept in a bit. I never could go back to sleep after that, go figure. I got up at five and took my shower, got ready for work, made the kids lunches, and just hung out until it was time to wake them up.

They were excited to go back to school and wanted to ride the bus so they would have more time to be social.  I didn't realize until I was taking pictures that Trevor wasn't wearing one of his new shirts. Apparently he "couldn't find them". By that point it was too late to go change and he didn't seem to care so we just hopped in the car and went to the bus stop. (We found them after school still in the Target bag in his room)

They both had a good day and Trevor was excited that there was a kid that was TALLER than him! Amazing :)

Here's my kiddos, Trevor is in 4th grade this year (and for the first time has a teacher that never had his sisters) and Melissa is in 8th grade. The last year before high school :sob:

My babies are growing up so fast! Jess moves in 12 days and starts school in 15.

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Chris H said...

They do look happy to be going back to school.
Trevor is so like Griffin it's funny!

Wonder how long it will take before they are sick of school again!

Claudya Martinez said...

I love that Trevor didn't care about the new shirts all that much.

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