Thursday, August 30, 2012

I'm stuffed.

ohhhhh I'm so fulllll.

I upped my calorie intake again to try and knock me off of my yo-yo three pound up and down gain and lose plateau. I'm up to 1800 calories. I started yesterday and lost 1.4 pounds in one day.

Today? I'm stuffed. And I still have 100 plus calories left (not going to happen). I'm currently sipping on a protein shake. I'm hoping this doesn't backfire and I gain 12 pounds tomorrow.

Besides that nothing too exciting happened. We got our paychecks early today (should be next Tuesday for payday). I'm pretty sure the girl that writes the check has a fun weekend planned and pressured the check signer to come in early. It's nice to have it early but that will make a long stretch until the next payday if it gets spent early!

After work and school I went and got my hair cut. No pictures since I don't think it looks that great. I'm hoping it looks better after my shower in the morning (I go to a cheap place that doesn't actually style it or anything). If not I might have to go get someone to fix it a bit. I don't think the girl did a very good job with the layers. It's always something I swear! Oh well it grows fast.

Scott went on my bike ride with me tonight. We got done about two minutes faster than I normally do but let me tell you it felt like I was going  a lot faster trying to keep up with him. The sad part is that he burned over 200 calories more than I did because he's bigger. That seems so not fair doesn't it?

I get to get off early tomorrow because of the "holiday". So I can basically leave at lunch time. Woot! Sounds like a great 3 1/2 day weekend to me.

No plans yet but I'm sure we'll end up at one of my brother's houses at some point for a BBQ and swimming. I wish I had a pool so we could just trade off the holidays but it's not too much fun here with no place to cool off.

I remember the dread of labor day when I was a kid. It wasn't so much about having to go back to school. It was because that was the weekend our community pool closed until the next summer. We used to LIVE at the pool.

Well have a great 3 day weekend and ....

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Unknown said...

Oh my goodness, that picture is hilarious!! Have you been able to style your new cut so you like it now?

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