Thursday, August 9, 2012

Back To School & Book Review

School starts next Monday for Melissa and Trevor. I took Trevor with me to Target (and the mall) a couple days ago and got him a new backpack some shirts, shorts, and new shoes. I swear boys are so easy. Today I took Melissa. I've learned from past shopping trips it's so much easier to just take one kid at a time. With Melissa she got ONE shirt at Target (and 2 bras). Then we had to walk through the mall. After about four or five stores and a couple hours she finally got a new pair of shoes, 2 pairs of pants and about 3 or 4 shirts. I'm hoping next year I can just drop her off at the mall with some friends and some money and let her go by herself. It's painful I tell ya!

After I got home Jessica was fighting with her college stuff in the living room so we all scattered. Trevor and I went for a bike ride. The bugs were fierce so he was more than ready to go home after one (slow) lap around the lakes. I came in the house and went to the bathroom and then went back out and did a big ride, pushing myself. It ended up being pitch black by the time I was done (almost ran over some people walking, I'm sure I scared the crap out of them). I finally got that adrenaline high about half way through. Funny how now if I don't hit that I don't even feel like I've done any exercise now.

I've exercised (walked, c25k, or ride my bike or  a combo of two) everyday for at least the last 12 days.

I decided to up my calorie intake to try and break my plateau. I've been reading in a lot of places that if your calories are too low that it can make you hold. We'll see how it works out. Kind of nice to have another 300 calories. It will be really nice if the scale goes down instead of up with me eating that extra 300!

Tomorrow is my date with the trainer. I'm seriously scared. I know I'll survive. I'm just hoping I don't throw up or pee my pants or something haha.

Today I finished listening to an audio book. I was mostly just making copies at work so I listened to it for most of the day. Sure makes standing by the copier more entertaining. (And less people try to talk to you while you are standing there, win win!)

What Happened To Goodbye by Sarah Dressen

This is a sweet young adult book. McLean is in an unusual situation. Her parents are divorced and she lives with her Dad. Her Dad changes location a lot with his job and she goes with him. Every time she moves she reinvents herself. Except for this time.

Somehow instead of being "Liz" like she planned she is stuck back as McLean. Being McLean again (in the audio book they pronounced this McClain) becomes a therapeutic process in which she works out her relationship with her mother, father, herself, new friends and of course the hunky boy next door.

This is a pretty sweet book that I wouldn't cringe to see my thirteen year old read. I can't say that very often!

I had 3 more audio books come in at the library (gotta love free entertainment!).Pin It


Jill of All Trades said...

Oh I hated school clothes shopping, mainly with the youngest. She would walk from the front of the store to the back, to the front, to the back, to the front, to the back, to the front, to the aching feet. I learned to sit and wait till she decided to try on and purchase.

Bella said...

It's great that you figured out a system for shopping with the kiddos that works. Have fun on your date!!

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