Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Trainer Day!

Well Trevor is even more miserable today than yesterday. Although he doesn't seem to have a fever. Probably since I keep giving him pain relievers. Poor kid keeps spitting because his mouth hurts so bad. He'll most likely be home tomorrow too. Nothing like having to make up work from the first week of school.

Today was trainer day! I went to the gym and only took my car key and my gym pass on the lanyard. I'm  still learning where to put things and how they work. I know I can trade a key for a key to the locker but it just seems easier to not take anything in with me. But then I have my keys. I saw today there is somewhere where you can hang your keys too so maybe I'll do that next time. I wish they did a step by step on how everything works when you sign up so you don't have to feel stupid.

Anyhow, I met up with the trainer in the bathroom of all places. We did about five minutes on the treadmill to warm up a bit and then went to the "corner of pain". It really wasn't too bad though. I think I've watched just a few too many episodes of The Biggest Loser. She's actually really nice and doesn't yell at me when I fall or can't hold the weights up anymore. We spent about forty minutes doing three reps of a little workout she made up. I was definitely feeling it when we were on the last round. But I did it! She told met that I was strong and doing really well, which was awesome to hear. I go back on Friday and we are going to work on the free weights.

When I got home I made dinner and then went on my bike ride. It wasn't dark yet so I rode a bit longer. I almost went down all the roads on our side of the neighborhood. I'm going to have to plan out another route to make it longer without going down all the little streets. I had one little yappy dog run after me a tiny bit too. I'm glad it didn't catch up and take a bite or anything.

9 more days until Jess goes to school! Tomorrow we are going to get her a new pair of glasses. She still has a good prescription but we never bought any new glasses and her old ones are worn out. We need to get her some contacts too. Along with a few other things she needs.Pin It


Sara Strand said...

I want to go to a trainer SO bad but we can't afford it. If we had a little extra money I'd be all over that shit. I need to have someone tell me what to do and to stop being a baby about it.

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

I'm so jealous because i wish I could afford to get a trainer.
So she's not like Jillian the tyrant on Biggest loser huh?

You are going to be rocking those sleeveless dresses like Michelle Obama. :-)

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