Sunday, August 12, 2012

Not The Usual Sunday

I spent most of my day being pissed off. Since the kids took my car to go to the water slides and Jessica's car has no air conditioning I felt like I was stuck here. So I cleaned.  I got all the laundry put away and most of it washed. I listened to an audio book for most of the day and at one point took a nap. Pretty exciting day.

After dinner I went and did the week 3 day 1 of the couch to 5k. Oh my God. Three minutes is a really long time to run. The first three minute stretch I took a 15 second break in the middle and walked. The second three minute stretch I had to walk a bit and got a drink from a faucet. Not my faucet. That's a little clue into how hot and thirsty I was haha. While I was running a car went the other direction and did a bunch of hooting at me. I'm like OMG do these people not know I'm a fat mom? Sheesh. Talk about feeling weird.

I was looking pretty sad by the time I got home.

After I cooled down Jess and I went to the grocery store to get some food for lunches. The guy checking us out was like "oh man you guys look so much alike". I think it's so funny when people say that but it drives her crazy.

So tomorrow is the first day of school for Melissa and Trevor. They both want to ride the bus which I find kind of funny since they'll be begging me to let them sleep in before long. Guess I'll have to actually get up when the alarm clock goes off tomorrow instead of hitting the snooze button 12 times.

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Bella said...

Good for you for completing that week, it's a killer. It's actually what made me put c25k on hold right now until I get around 230 or so. Bravo!!

Alisha Bowling said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog Julie! :)

Way to finish the C25K run! Each time you force yourself through a workout you get stronger! When I started it 7 weeks ago I was cursing during my 1 minute runs. (Pathetic!) But I struggled bad! And I had no idea if I'd ever gain the endurance to actually run a 5K. Now I'm in week 7 (and still doubting my body a little) but I finished a 20 minute full run today.

Keep at it girl, I promise your body is capable of amazing things!

Chris H said...

Running! I take my hat of to anyone who runs! I could never run, even when I was slimmer.
You sure look hot... as in hot and sweaty... good on ya girl!

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