Monday, August 6, 2012

Busy Day Cuckoo Cuckoo

My husband went back to work today! Wooohooo!! He's been off for almost 2 months. That is a long time for someone that can hardly even get a day off for an extended weekend. He got up super early and drove into town and took the train to work. Well, to the end of the line. Then he rode his bike the five miles from the train to his work. Worked all day, then did it in reverse. I'm really proud of him. Oh and he sent me a text from work to tell me that his work clothes were falling off. Someone's going to be getting some new, smaller uniforms!

Since he is back to work I am back to working part time. Can we get an AMEN? Holy cow working eight hours SUCKS. Sure the paycheck is nice but I'd rather have a little less money and a little more sanity.

A few things I learned while he was off work and I was working full time (total change of places)

Coming home to a messy house? Sucks
Coming home to no dinner? Sucks
Coming home to no food in the house? Sucks
Coming home to laundry piled up? Sucks
Coming home to the yard being all messy? Sucks

I think you get the picture. He got really good at going to the grocery store and making dinner AND doing the dishes. Oh and dragging the hose around to water the plants. The rest of the stuff I pretty much still did (half assed because I was TIRED). This role reversal was really an eye opener for the both of us I think. A small blessing in disguise. We both got a lot closer in the time he was off too, not to mention he basically had the whole summer off with the kids. I'm sure they will always talk about the summer Dad was home when they grow up.
In other news, I finished my book club book this morning Every Last Cuckoo. I would have finished it last night but I just.kept.falling.asleep. That is so damn annoying when you are ALMOST done with a book. This morning I picked it up and only had 4% left so I just finished it real quick before work.

This is the story of a sweet old lady and her little old man. At least for the first half. I loved loved the beginning of this book, Part 1. It's quite a bit of their life story and the love they have for each other now that they are older. I could have just lived with the first part of the story. Part 2 is life after Charles passes away (not giving too much away that's on the book cover). Sarah struggles to find her way with out Charles, but soon she has a house full of people to fill her days. The book seemed a little rushed towards the end to me, but overall, it was a good story.

On my lunch break at work I went for a walk. Today I did the big square of the block "backwards" from how I usually do it. The last leg I do is along the road and so hot. I was thinking maybe I wouldn't be quite so hot if I did that first. (Didn't really work) We have a women's prison in that "block" and they have a yard they can go out in. It's just a small place, I think it's basically for small offenders or somewhere for them to be before they go somewhere bigger. I was walking along the railroad tracks, a good 500 feet away like the signs say and someone in the "yard" kept calling and whistling to me trying to get my attention. Um yeah, so not looking your way. You people scare me. Dammit, now I have to find another route.

After work I went to the library to pay my $1.75 fine so that I could put books on hold on the internet again. I'm missing my audio books I used to listen to on the way to work. It was a great way to get in a lot of "reading" too. I got that set up and picked an audio book off the shelf to start with. Tomorrow I can go hold happy online again.

I also made an appointment with a TRAINER on Friday. At a gym. I'm so going to die.

Then we went to Target and got a few things for Trevor for school, and then to the GNC store that is in the mall to get me some more protein powder. I decided to just buy the tub of chocolate like I got the other day and do that for a bit. Oh and how do you like the freebie sample the GNC guy (asshole) gave me. Think that's a hint?

I swear to God someday I'm going to freaking snap on someone.

After dinner I went out and did my couch to 5k week TWO day 1. I ended up running through most of one of the first walking sessions because I never heard it give the cue to change over. Other than that I made it through everything on schedule. GO ME! My knee was a little sore when I got home, along with the tops of my feet (is that weird or what?) but I think I'll survive.

Oh and that person that yelled "run girl run", ummm thanks for the cheering?

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Eric W. Harper said...

Today has been brought to you by the word "sucks". :)

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

After a 50 hour week I'd come home from traveling and look around at all that just needed to be done. I'd tell my husband I needed a wife. He'd laugh and say, Yeah, me too!

I got a cleaning lady instead.

Sarah said...

I really do think this was a blessing in disguise having Scott home. I know it was a financial hit in a HUGE way, but sometimes those "priceless" moments can't be bought. You can look at it as the summer before Jess left for school, before Melissa got to mature to be with family and Trevor was old enough to really have a great time with dad. I know my dad worked hard and long hours, but as a kid you don't realize it until you are older. They work hard because they love you and provide. To kids time with them is important and the lack of time can't be made up. The accident part of it all sucks, but I think the positives won in the end??!

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