Thursday, October 18, 2012

Ghetto Punks

I'm sitting here starving to death while Scott's is out fixing something on my car. Today is his birthday and we are going out to dinner. He JUST got home at 7 and I gave in about 15 minutes ago and ate a bag of chips. Sucks! Oh well add it and go on.

So here's a fun thing this morning. I took the kids to school because I couldn't drag my ass out of bed. My butt muscles took a SERIOUS beating on Tuesday with the trainer. Two days later and it still hurts to sit on the toilet. ::note to self invest in a cushion seat toilet::

So I got behind this car in the drop off. 

I was like WOW I can't believe they drove that with no trunk? With stuff in the back? and plywood holding the back seat in? And they went through the drop off line? 

If that was my parents I'd be like umm you can drop me off here, like 3 blocks from school. Seriously though, have a little bit of pride??

Sadly I think he saw me snap a picture of his car. As we were going down the road away from the school I passed him since he was going really slow. So I'm driving along at the speed limit and he comes FLYING around me, probably doing 80 at least. Goes around me and then not too far up the road turns into a driveway.

Yeah, you are SO AWESOME! Can't believe his shit didn't fly out of the back of his car.

So the car belongs to the kid's dad that bullies my son all the time. ASSHOLE. No wonder his kid is an asshole too.

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1 comment:

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

alright this is damn weird!!
i hope he doesn't park and expect all his junk to be there. I wouldn't want his crap but I bet there are creepy people who do.

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