Saturday, October 6, 2012

Murder Mystery Sex and Snacks

Somehow I've actually fit in some time to read a bit lately.

Assault With A Deadly Glue Gun by Lois Winston

I had started this book awhile back when I didn't have anything else to read. I think it was a free book when I got it on my Kindle. Now it's $9.99. I'm not sure I'd pay that much to read it though! I had started reading it and then abandoned it to read something more interesting.

The story is about Anastasia, who's husband has just died and left her with a huge debt and a crazy loan shark on her tail. To add to that a crazy chick at her work was killed and all the evidence is pointing towards Anastasia as the killer.

The whole book has so much activity going on it's a bit confusing. It's written with a light humor about it so there are no deep emotions involved. Which seemed a bit wrong to me but I guess it's supposed to all be funny. I did want to find out who the killer was though, so I guess it had that part going for it!

I doubt I'll read the sequels unless they are free and I can't find anything else to read.

Seduction and Snacks by Tara Sivec

I kept hearing about this book on the ML Fit Camp I'm on. My interest was peeked so I decided to read it. It's only .99 on Amazon right now, hurry and get it!!

Well that is, if you like slightly raunchy love stories. This book is not for the prudish. I personally found it hilarious and totally enjoyed it.

The story is about Claire and her one night stand baby daddy and how the stars align for them to magically find each other again. That part is all a bit fairy tale like but hey, it's chick lit. Along with that whole story is how Claire's friend Liz starts up a sex toy business and Claire gets stuck helping her sell toys with a side business of desserts.

Somehow, it's a totally entertaining story. Probably due to all the potty mouth and sex. Yeah, I'm sure that's why! Hurry go get yours while it's cheap (and no one is paying me to tell you that!) I've bought the sequel and intend to get that finished soon.Pin It


guess who said...

The sequel to Seduction and Snacks is just as good! Both books took me less than a day to read; they are ah-MAZE-ing!

Barb said...

Thanks for the heads up. Ordering it now....

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