Friday, October 19, 2012

Scott's Birthday!

Last night we finally got over to Texas Roadhouse for dinner.

Scott turned 42 yesterday. Thanks to diet and exercise he is in so much better shape than he was for the last 10 years! He is down 50 pounds now and looking fantastic! I'm so proud of all the hard work he has done. He's been riding his bike from the commuter train to work, which is about 5 miles and then of course, back after work. Today he said he took the exit before the one he usually takes on the way to work so he got in 10 miles of bike riding before work. Pretty awesome!

We went to dinner last night at Texas Roadhouse which is not my favorite place to go but he likes a good steak. I personally get kind of grossed out by all the peanut shells all over the floor (it's encouraged to eat peanuts and then throw the shells down). Last night wasn't too bad but sometimes when you go there you are basically wading through them. Make sure to not wear open toed shoes. :ick:

I knew ahead of time that their fabulously delicious rolls were 227 calories each. You could totally calorie out by the time you even get your meal. I had some peanuts and 1 1/2 rolls anyways. Damn those things are good. I ordered a side salad with the light ranch and for dinner a loaded sweet potato. I had little bites of everyone else's meat too. Counting MOST of it on Lose It? Still over 1000 calories. Super easy to over eat!

Back to the Birthday boy!

Trevor and Scott

Melissa and Me- first celebration with out Jessica :BOO:
I kept leaning back thinking we were too close to the camera. Thus the horrible picture of me.

We had them sing Happy Birthday to him (and 1/2 the place was having a birthday, it's a popular day!) and they brought out this saddle chair for him to sit in. Haha. He said he's sooo getting me back.

Afterwards we came home and we were all too full for cake so we just did candles and saved it for the next day. 

I was going to make him some cupcakes. I ran into Safeway and the cheapest cake mix they had was almost $4!?! Usually I can pick them up for around $1. I figured once I bought the mix, frosting and some oil (I was out) it was almost the same price as the cake give or take a dollar. Yeah I'll save myself some work thanks!

Check out the difference in my man since last year.

On the left, last year on the right this year

I'm so proud of him!

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Anonymous said...

he looks great! look at that chiseled face! Jealous.

Scary how fast those dang rolls (and chips at a Mexican place) add up.

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