Monday, October 29, 2012

Grown Up Halloween Party

Saturday night we went to our little bar for a Halloween Party. This was the original reason we bought our costumes.  So once again we donned our Bat Apparel. 

We met some friends down at the bar and had a great time! We got TONS of compliments on our costumes. Everyone was telling us they were the best! FUN! FUN!

(this was taken in the kitchen area off the bar where we sat to eat). Good think I did all that exercise before we went! The food was potluck style and man was there some FOOD!

Some Hot Chicks

My Hot Guy and some of his softball team

I did a lot of dancing in my high heels. I'm pretty sure that could be it's own work out video. 

My legs are REALLY sore today!

A little NSV (non scale victory) is that when I wore this pair of shoes every other time BEFORE I lost weight they made my feet hurt so so bad. I think one time my feet were even bruised a bit from all that fat squishing into them. Last night I didn't take them off until probably ten minutes before we left. No wonder skinny chicks wear high heels so much :wink:

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Kim said...

You look like such a skinny minnie in that first picture!!!

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

you crack me up!
you think like me.
I put on a pair of boots that used to kill me and Saturday they were great! I guess all the weight loss was in my feet too - who knew?

Chris H said...

You and your hubby look great! Glad your feet are thanking you for losing the weight... mine are not happy with me at all!

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