Saturday, April 13, 2013

Date Night!

I had some extra time before Scott got home to get ready for our date night. I had had half of my hair pulled back and didn't get it all the way dry in the morning so I had some tight kinky curl going on. I debated on sticking my whole head in the sink and starting over but thought it might be fun to use my hot rollers. I haven't used them in forever!

There was a time when I used to use them every day. Definitely showing my age here. I'm missing half the little metal things that hold them on and for some reason I didn't need to use nearly as many of the rollers as I used to. Hmm maybe because half my hair fell out when I lost so much weight (it's slowly coming back).

What do you think? Too much? haha

Don't leave your dresser drawer open unless you want a cat in there. Oh hi there Buster, looks like you're having a nice snuggle with my bras..

I had been debating on wearing a dress I had bought awhile back but the dress is black and my legs are so pasty white it looked ridiculous  I thought, hmm maybe I can just wear nylons? I was asking some girls on my little Facebook group what they thought and most of them said they were out of style. 

I opened up the package I had and there was a coupon that expired in 2007 in there. I took that as a sign that they just might be right and decided to just wear my jeans.

We went to our little sushi place we always go to. We tried to order some different stuff but we've went so many times now they all kind of blend together in my mind.

This one was my favorite, probably because it was deep fried. It was a little bit sweet.

and a baked one, kind of hard to get out of the foil without it coming apart but still good.

We ended our night out by having a night cap at our little bar. We don't even have to order now they just hand us our drinks. Is that a bad sign?? ;)

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Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

Your hair is beautiful! I'll pass on the sushi. ugh....

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