Thursday, April 11, 2013

If It was easy...

So with all this training going on I was thinking that maybe after my half I'll just take a break for a week and not do ANYTHING exercise wise. Then I remembered we already signed up for a bike race in a few weeks after in June. I'm still thinking of not doing anything for a week after. I'm kind of tired.

One of my friends suggested that maybe I'm over doing it. But they don't call it training for nothing right?

Besides it's good to be tired from actually doing something. Not just from eating too much crap and sitting around watching TV.

I just upped my calories after using the this calculator to figure out the right amount of food I need to eat for how much exercise I am doing. I was previously eating about 1800 calories (I bumped it up from 1500 about a month ago and didn't gain any weight). I'm now trying to eat around 1900 calories. I don't know if it that, eating dinner before running or staying way from the nachos but I'm almost back down to my lowest in just a couple days.


I really just want to lose 4 (almost 5) more pounds to get down to 60 pounds lost. If that seems to difficult to maintain once I get there than I'll bump it back up but I'd just like to do it. I've been stuck at almost the same weight for months. Hopefully bumping up the calories will help that.

Did you do your squats today?

I got all 115 done in the bathroom at work. GO ME! (good thing the door locks)  
Isn't that shirt funny? I just found it looking for a squat picture to add. 

Today I did not eat birthday cake at work.
I did not eat World's Finest Chocolate at work. 
I did not (so far) eat nachos at home.
112 ounces of water in.

Having pulled pork sandwiches for dinner. It's been cooking in the crock pot all day. 

I'm going for my run after the sun goes down. (35-40 minute easy run) It's kind of hot and hopefully Scott will be up for going with me. I think we might skip the gym tonight.

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elisha_run_run_run said...

way to go on skipping out on all that junk! You've been working your booty off girlfriend! I think it will be perfectly fine to have a week off :) I took a week off (due to injury) the whole week before my half! You'll be great either way! Happy Friday

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