Sunday, April 14, 2013

Fun On The Lake

Saturday we were going to go for an easy bike ride but ended up getting up too late and we didn't really have our hearts in it. Sunday is the Zoo Zoom race so we wanted to not abuse our legs too much. I brought up the idea of finally taking our paddle boat out on the lake and that's what we did. 

Trevor and I took turns sitting in the front to pedal.

As long as he was pedaling he was fine but towards the end he started to say he was bored. 

I offered to drop him off and let him walk to Grandma's (it's like a block) but he said no. Silly kid.

We were out there for about 2 hours. We definitely need some cushions for our butts, that plastic gets hard after awhile. Scott was complaining about his back hurting too so maybe just like a regular chair cushion might work good.

We came home and ate and then I laid down to "read" and woke up two hours later. Just in time to go hang out on my friend's dock and watch the sunset. My Mom was out at her little place so she came too.

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