Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Squatting Around

With this squat challenge

 I keep thinking of all the different kinds of squats I can do to make it more fun.

The regular squat

Yesterday we did them with the "Smith Machine" (just figured out that is what it's called.)

If you don't know how to do them here is a tutorial on You Tube.

Poor boy can't afford a shirt to wear.

There are also squats using kettle bells

She makes those look so easy!

Rear Foot Eleveated Squats. I did these with my trainer minus the weight vest and slightly less heavy weights ;)

I probably made grunting sounds like that though haha

Dumbbell Wall Squats

Those look painful

Bosu Ball Squats (video at the link)

I had to hold someone's hand when I did those, whew they are HARD.

These are crazy! 

Figure Four Squat (and some others at the link)

I got my 60 "normal" squats in today. I am already feeling it!

Hopefully by the end of this challenge my rear will look a bit better! Neither one of my parents have any "junk in the trunk". 

Yep, almost flat

Wish me luck!

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Annsterw said...

I have faith!! Soon you will have a booty that is mistaken for Kim Kardashian!!!! Go squat!!!!! hee hee

Unknown said...

I will just do "regular" squats...I can see an serious injury in my future otherwise. Forget your booty, look at your awesome calves!

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