Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Chloe's Graduation Party

The day after the wedding we went to my friend Carolyn's daughter's graduation party. We've known Chloe since she was about two so we've definitely watched her grow up. Our families feel more like extended families than just friends.

I stole this picture from her mom. Sadly the kids only get a few tickets for graduations now so you can't all go watch them.

It's crazy that all our girls are all growing up now! Oh well more time for us ;)

Scott and my kids were there but I only have pictures of us haha. That's also one perk to your kids getting older. Everyone can take care of themselves at a party. 

I took my swimsuit but there was about 50 kids in the pool so we just sat on the grass and caught some rays.

After a few minutes I put on my swim suit top to work on that farmer's running shirt tan. 

I had a nice time hanging out with my friends and the kids had fun swimming. Win! Win!

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1 comment:

Annsterw said...

That looks like a relaxing day with friends! So fun!

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