Sunday, February 1, 2015

Girl's Night

Sometimes I wish I worked at a school so I could be like my friend and have a whole summer off. Life is so busy we can't wait for the weekends to "relax" and then we end up having stuff planned for the weekends and need to go back to work on Monday so we can "relax" in a different way haha.

This weekend wasn't much different, although this Superbowl Sunday my family is all going somewhere and I'm not. WOOT! Although I am going to go to the grocery store at some point. 

Last night Melissa and I went over to my Mom's house for a "Girl's night". My Dad always goes up to Reno with his buddies on Superbowl weekend and my brothers have started going for one night too. So last year I think it was, my mom started having us come over for dinner and a movie. This year she made us a taco night. 

LOTS of goodies! (just pretend it's straight, I don't know why it changes the pictures)

I was really hoping my sister in law Michele would be able to come over for a bit so I could get my baby fix in. I haven't seen them since Christmas and they change so much in a month!  She was able to come over for about an hour. Oh what fun! 

Adrian and Emma 

Emma (smiling) and Vincent


Vincent strapped down so I got a picture without him being blurry lol

Ava was so cute putting all the olives on her fingers. I remember when my kids used to do that ;)

They are all so much fun! After the little ones left we put in a movie for Adrian in the other room (and Melissa decided to watch that one too) and we big kids watched Gone Girl.

OMG what a movie! I was so tired (I had woke up at 5am that morning) and dozed a TINY bit in one part but the rest had me so enthralled.  Great suspense movie!

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