Tuesday, May 24, 2022



Good morning it's only Tuesday booo. Work was pretty steady yesterday and then I came home to Trevor and his new puppy Simon, who he thought was a boy but we just realized is a girl LMAO. He said the people he bought her from were calling her a him and then she's so fluffy we never bothered to look. My friend Cassi came over and picked her up and was like uh, I think Simon is a Simone lol.  Trevor said he still wants to call her Simon and it doesn't really make a difference ;) She is super cute and the dogs don't care about her much. Tubby HATES her guts. Hopefully she'll relax soon.  Melissa came over to visit with her after work too.  Trevor is off today and tomorrow so that is good to help transition and get things figured out. I told her to sit when I was leaving this morning and she actually did it so she's definitely smart already ;)

I worked on more 3/4" string blocks last night. I tossed what was left of that size after these since they were mostly super short pieces.  Next are the 1" wide pieces in the green bucket there. 

I should probably go to the store after work since we have nothing for dinner (or lunch) and I don't want to keep going out to eat. Sigh. I hate thinking of what to get. I need to just cook and have a bunch of meals made up to chose from. Maybe I'll hit Pinterest today and make up a menu again.

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

omg cute puppy! Lots of work, better you than me. :-)

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