Friday, May 6, 2022


Hello happy Friday! I'm regretting my decision of signing up for that car show tomorrow. The set up time is 6am. F&ck that's early. I'm about ready for a month vacation where I just sleep in a hotel and walk 10 feet to a nice restaurant with a cocktail in my hand.

Today was pretty boring at work, mostly just worked on cleaning out old files and shredding them. I think I got the rest of them all pulled out and on my bookcase at work to shred next week. Woooo exciting. 

I listened to the podcast Beautiful Anonymous all day. I'm catching up on all the ones I missed in the last 2 years of not commuting haha. I had started listening to them again when I was going to the mil's house. Today I just listened ALL day long with my headphones. I think I am going to splurge on myself and buy some airpods. Jess got some and she really likes them. 

I came home and took a little nap and woke up to the dogs panting. Apparently it's warm in the house haha. I just took a shower and I'm waiting for Scott go come pick me up for a sushi date. I'm assuming he's picking me up, I might just be meeting him. Hopefully he's here soon since it is already 7:30. 

I need to load my car for the show tonight so I don't have to do that when I'm half asleep in the morning. The show is over at 2 so hopefully if it decides to be windy it will be done by then. I was looking for a post to link from last time I went to this place but I can't find one. Did I really not blog a craft show? Seems odd. I'll probably find it later.

Monday they are letting us get off work 4 hours early for some reason. Weird. I wish they'd just give us a whole day because driving a total of an hour to work and back for 4 hours of work is not something I'd choose to do. Like how about 4 hours on a Friday? 

Apparently Scott is down the road so we might make it in time for sushi. Woohoo

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Chris H said...

I hope it wasn't windy?

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