Thursday, May 5, 2022


Hello Happy Friday Eve! I'm almost caught up with my older posts I missed while I was so busy doing stuff lol.

Sunday I got up super early (couldn't sleep anyways for some reason) and was at my mom's house by 5:30am. We were ahead of schedule so we stopped by 7-11 and got some ice and snacks. My niece Adrian came with us for the day too. Here is my booth all set up. I wish this place would put some lines on the ground so you'd know where your space is exactly. The booth size here is 13x13 but you only have the little sticker on the curb to see where your middle is. I set up and the people on the right in this picture were not there. They got there later and set up super close to the edge so over the day I moved everything on that side over to the other 2 since you could barely walk there. My fault not theirs, I should have set up different. Lesson learned! 

Adrian set all the zip bags up nice for me, eventually I squished them together more so I could put more stuff out front (plus I sold a lot).

Cup cozies were $1, I sold quite a few but still have a lot lol.

I didn't really sell any coasters or mug rugs, I'll have to try something different with those. Most of the mug rugs are not the right time of the year to buy either. 

Over all it was a very successful day and I made the most sales EVER. That was pretty exciting. The booth fee was high but I still made a great profit. Oh and I sold a quilt! My yellow one I made. This older man bought it for $100. He said he grew up sleeping under quilts so wanted to buy one. I may have cried a little. It's like selling a piece of your art with those things. I did the same thing with that quilted bag I sold lol.

When I got home I laid on the couch and had my buddies with me. Right after I laid down my head started to really hurt. Like the heat headaches I get but it wasn't even really hot. Weird. Eventually I got up and took some ibuprofen and got a wet wash cloth and went to bed. It was a pretty horrible headache.

Monday I was awake super early since I went to bed so early the night before. I got to work with plenty of time to spare, even with having to empty out my car.

Last night I finally finished up my inventory of

688 Cozies
11 coin bags
234 zip bags
2 tooth fairy pillows
1 wine bag
38 tissue packs
2 little back packs (had those forever, might donate them)
2 crumb quilts
1 string quilt
25 make up bags
264 keychains (but no Raiders lol)
92 coasters
9 cozy & mug rug packs
22 mug rugs
27 cozy & coaster packs

Maybe I'll sell it all on Saturday and won't have to inventory again haha

Jess & Daniel borrowed the truck to take the recycling (FINALLY), get a bed frame they bought off someone and go to the dumps. Look at our big boy. Hard to believe he's only 18 months old. 

I was so tired at work today. It's the bleed to death day of the month. Gotta love those. NOT. I had little piddly stuff to do most of the day until around 2 then worked on some file clean ups. Here's my shred pile for the day. Only 1 1/2 trash bags. I have one more shelf of files pulled out to work on tomorrow when I get bored. Then I have to go look for some more. I had stopped pulling them the other day since I had so many stacked up already. Files that are done for 6 years and 3 months we only have to save a little out of and the rest gets shredded. We had them all caught up pre-covid. 

I took my breakfast and lunch to work today so I didn't spend any money going out. Good girl Julie! I even cooked dinner. For myself since Trevor left to go have his dad help with his truck door again. They got it fixed up so they could lock it but now he can't get the door to open from the inside lol. 

I took a little cat/dog nap when I got home from work with my furry friends. Now to wash a shit ton of dishes I've ignored all week. I need to at least was one tub full (telling myself). I swear they multiply when I'm sleeping and at work. Imagine that. 


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