Friday, May 13, 2022


Hello happy I'm not working today Friday. I should take days off more often. It is great! Yesterday I spent all day doing the crafty things for the baby shower. 

I had this picture hanging over my bed for about 30 years. The sun totally bleached it out to the point that it was getting spooky lol. I tried giving it away thinking someone could repurpose the frame but no takers so I decided to do it myself.

I painted it for the baby shower. After if Jess doesn't want it we can still repurpose the frame, paint it again or toss it. No big deal.  (also made the little bunting thing) I fixed the droopy i dot after this picture too ;)

I finished up the baby quilt. I did a bit of a cheat for the binding since I had left enough backing I could just fold it over to the front. I stitched around twice. Done!

Tubby helped me make the pom poms. These are from the dollar store, they are so cute. I figure we can drape them around the porch railings or something. I made some of the big tissue balls too.

Jessica's cat Sheba went missing yesterday evening to so we were all worried about her since she lives so close to the levee and there are a lot of coyotes. I brought little Daniel over to my house for a bit so mom could look some more and not worry about him. She finally found her this morning under the house. TG she wasn't a coyote snack.  I slept like crap all night worrying about her and my toe nail was bugging me haha. Stupid I should have just got up and fixed it so I could sleep but didn't want to get up. I kind of slept in this morning kind of just laid there being lazy. 

Today Jess and I are going to go to the store to get the groceries for tomorrow and a couple gifts for the shower games. Going to make a mac salad and maybe a potato salad too for tomorrow. I kind of have a sinus headache so I should probably take some allergy meds.

I have a thing for 2 free nights in Reno again. I'm tempted to book it and if no one can come with me I'll just go by myself haha. 

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Oh to go somewhere alone for a couple days sounds awesome. I'll meet you in Reno!

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