Tuesday, May 31, 2022


Good morning! It's back to the office Tuesday! I was a tiny bit glad to get out of the house today, we'll see how I feel tomorrow haha.

I spent a big chunk of yesterday finishing up these light blue string blocks. This is all of them, they look so nice when laid out, definitely making a tote bag with them. Then I went through my green & yellow scraps to mix with the pinks I had. I got side tracked though hanging out with Scott and then Jess & Little Daniel came over for a bit. Scott brought a box of VHS movies his brother had almost thrown away home. There was one that said Jessica on it so she went home and was sending me little clips of it. I went over to her house and watched it. We got a video camera her first Christmas but these were before that. Scott's mom had one of the giant video recorders from the 80's and they were from that. Super cute! I'll have to share a few snippets. I'm on there at 20 years old feeding baby Jess.

So a neighbor had asked me if I'd like some quilting fabric. Someone she knew was moving or something so I was like yeah sure. OMG. Her and her crew dropped all this off for me last night. GOOD GOD.(don't mind the walker Trevor dragged that home from work for some reason lol)

The first TINY box had all this in it.  Definitely some stuff to sell. I'm going to have to get some more tote boxes to put stuff in while I sort it out. There was also a bag of books that I looked through real quick. I'll probably sell those too.  I dumped out a huge bag of batik fabrics that I'm going to work on putting on cards tonight I think. Batiks are so beautiful!

Trevor is home today and tomorrow so he gets to be on puppy patrol. I hope she can start figuring out to go potty outside soon. I'm starting to think I should just roll up my rugs til she gets it figured out. Definitely going to have to use the carpet cleaner on them. Not my favorite part of puppies AT ALL. 

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