Friday, January 4, 2013

Anyone got any pain reliever?


I finally got the computer away from my 9 year old. He's into some game or something or other and has been hogging the computer. School starts back on Monday woot woot (shhh don't tell them I said that). It's nice to have a bit more structure in the house. Somewhere way back when we kind of made this loose thing about when you are on vacation or the weekend you can stay up late and sleep in the living room. Not quite sure how that came about but that's the way it is and it feels a little late to take it back.

Plus Jess is home from college and since Melissa now has her bedroom she's kind of bouncing back and forth between Trevor's room (because he prefers the living room) and Melissa's room. It would be nice if we had one more bedroom but that just isn't going to happen.

Wednesday I went to the trainer instead of Tuesday, since Tuesday was New Years Day. OMG I am STILL so sore from our work out. My ass hurts, my abs hurt, my thighs hurt. I'm not quite sure if it's from the 50 squats I told her I needed to do for my calendar or just the work out we did. Most likely the combo. I was supposed to go again yesterday but my stomach was bothering me and I was still worried I might have a touch of the flu so I asked if we can reschedule.

Yesterday I did do my 30 burpees. I posted about them on instagram and some people didn't know what burpees were. Mine are not nearly this smooth. The dog REALLY doesn't like it when I jump around in the living room either!

I made Spinach Lasagna Rolls from the Skinnytaste website for dinner. They were really good! Mine came out much saucier, which is fine.

Even my left overs were good. Just pretend that's facing the correct direction.

After dinner Scott and I went out so he could try out his new running shoes. Yes, you heard that right. The man that wouldn't even go for a walk with me is now going to do the couch to 5k! Pretty amazing!

We went out and went around the big lake like I used to do when I first started. I got him to run a couple extra times too so that we didn't have to walk all the way home. 

A really horrible picture of us when we got home haha

But I love that he is doing this :)

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Kim said...

You & your husband are too cute! ... & I need to try those roll ups!

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