Thursday, January 10, 2013

Just keep going just keep going

This morning I had to d-r-a-g myself out of bed. So, so tired. I got on the scale like I do every morning before I get in the shower and I was down to 149.0. SCORE!! Lowest weight so far!! I looked back (later) and the last time I got to the 149.6 was December 10th. So back to the pre-holiday weight.

Even though I was stoked about my weight, while I was in the shower I was thinking how HARD this has been. This week I've met with my trainer 3 times (I had one extra to make up for last week when I wasn't feeling good). I've pretty much went to work, went to work out, made dinner and sometimes went out  for a run. It's exhausting. Add onto that that I have a bit of a cold, and well, you get the dragging myself out of bed.

And then that's where the self doubting comes in. Am I going to be able to keep doing this for like EVER? You know, because once I stop the fat is just going to come back on. It always does. As much as I enjoy working out the thought of killing myself every day is a bit tiring.

I guess that's where scheduling races and such is what will keep me motivated right? Guess I better hurry up and sign up for one.

So this is me when I got to work. Can you tell I was dragging lol. Who needs to fix their hair? Not me! Almost put it in a pony tail, probably would have looked better. Do you see that line on the left side of my face? I get that when I'm tired. Is it like a big bag? WTH? Getting old sucks.

Today I had cottage cheese for breakfast, no apple (out) and then went to lunch at Subway (6" sweet onion chicken teriyaki sandwich and baked chips) and washed it down with a Skinny Vanilla Latte (venti) from Starbucks. When I got done with lunch I was like wow I'm still so hungry. I could eat this all over again. Instead I had a small piece of cake and a small brownie for a birthday at work. And a BIG cup of water.

My ride home was sooo pretty! It's been windy here and it's blown all the crap out of the air so it's so clear. Just look at those pretty puffy white clouds! (I should maybe get my windshield replaced soon....)

I got home changed my clothes and went to the gym for my last time with my trainer. So sad!! Now I'm actually going to have to THINK about what I'm going to do when I go. Today we worked on legs. I didn't bother doing any cardio afterwards because I was pretty sure I was going to go with Scott on his run.

I really need to go to the grocery store. Instead of going shopping I just went to the store next to the gym and got some asada, tortillas and pico de gallo. The counters in the Mexican grocery stores are always so pretty. There was some tres leches cake that was looking pretty delicious there in the middle.

I swear I work out so I can eat sometimes most of the time.
After dinner we went out and did Scott's couch to 5k week 1 day 3. 

Did I mention that he has long legs? He was jogging, I was sprinting. Ridiculous (but a great work out)

25% of my goal for the month met in the second week of January (5 weeks this month!)

The best thing is that my leg didn't hurt this time. Maybe it's because I worked it at the gym before? Hopefully that means it will be better. Although we also ran intervals so that might be why too. I'm hoping for the best!

Oh and today's calendar work out, which I did a version of it at the gym is 25 calf standing raises

Edited to add...I just signed up for this 10k. Can't quit now, I have a race to train for ;)

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Amber said...

Great Job working out and making up for you missed session. You deserve to see that 149! I have thought to myself if I will be able to keep up the hard work every day and I'm sure our bodies will do it for a long time. I think once you hit the maintenance stage, then you can lessen the intensity a little and it may be easier. Keep it up!

Sara Strand said...

I was JUST saying to someone maybe I should sign up for a shit ton of races this summer so I'm forced to get out and run. I'm not motivated AT ALL here in the winter because it's dark in the morning, dark by 4:30 and freezing. Absolutely freezing.

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