Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Taxi In Service

Today I felt like a taxi for sure! I had to get up early and drive to Petaluma for a training. First though, I had to drive to work (30 minutes away) and pick up another employee and the company vehicle. Then I drove to Petaluma the long way thinking there would be less traffic, sat at a meeting for 4 hours or so and then drove back the not long way on accident, back to work, back home, then to the gym. Weee

I spent all day in the car! I didn't take any pictures of the pretty country side since I had a co-worker with me, the weather was kind of crappy (foggy there, raining back) and I was driving.

I picked up pizza after work because I was starving and didn't put dinner in the crock pot. I pulled 2 pieces out and ate them in the car on the way home.

At the gym today I did heavy lifting. In as, I can barely lift it and actually need spotting help heavy lifting. When I was done my arms were actually shaking. I'm really sad I only have one more day left with my trainer (tomorrow).

And can I just say, it's kind of awkward when you see people you (used to) know at the gym. There is a couple that had a son on Trevor's baseball team a couple years ago. I see the man all the time. Not sure if he knows/recognizes me but I haven't ever talked to him. And a kid that used to hang out with Jess that I used to drive back and forth from here to his house all the time. Does he remember who I am? He doesn't say anything, I don't say anything. Awkward.

I forgot to do my calendar exercises yesterday. 

10 Tricep dips. What the heck are tricep dips? had to look it up

and Today is 30 wall push ups

This morning I did a weigh in for a new "Biggest Loser Challenge". I know I won't win because my weight loss has pretty much stalled out but it's good to have something keep me honest.

I think I might have to paint my toe nails for next week. I hardly ever paint my toe nails because I hardly have a nail on my little toe. It's like a sliver. WTH? I got cheated in the toe nail department. So I just swipe some polish on there and it looks stupid. Oh well. Guess it's best to have a stupid toe nail than stupid hair or something more noticeable right?

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Annsterw said...

Go you!!! Nice muscles!!!

Sarah said...

You muscle stud!! You are doing awesome.

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