Saturday, January 12, 2013

Fat Saturday

I didn't sleep very good last night. I kept coughing. Coughing coughing coughing. UGH! Plus I was waiting for Jessica to get home from a late movie with her friend. We have a security gate where we live and she didn't have anything to get in with so I had to hear my phone ring when she called from the box. Which meant I had to be partially awake to make sure I didn't miss it.

Eventually I got some sleep but didn't really sleep in all that much. As usual Scott made us a nice breakfast this morning. 

When we were younger and first dating/married we used to go to Lyon's Restaurant (now defunct)  and get the "Country Scramble"

That would be biscuits, ground sausage, and scrambled eggs all covered with a layer of country gravy. Sinful. Over time we became too poor to go out to breakfast all the time so we started making our own. 

Breakfast this morning with the link sausage version.

It looks gross but it's GOOD. 

Not necessarily good for your calorie budget though.

Buster was so into snuggling this morning. Yes he needs his eyes cleaned. He gets allergy eyes or something. 

He's a pretty cat even if he does have goopy eyes. 

After breakfast, cat snuggles and dishes we went shopping! For me! For new running shoes. We went to Fleet Feet in Stockton. I had heard a lot about their store and thought they might be a bit more help for me to get the right kind of shoe. My old shoes were starting to feel like they didn't have much padding left in them so I figured it was time for some new ones.

The man that helped me there was great! He measured my foot, talked to me about running and races and helped me find a pair of shoes that fit well. I ended up getting some inserts. He said I roll my left foot in a bit when I run (hey maybe that's why my left leg hurts?) and that the insoles should help with that. I ended up getting another pair of Saucony's. They have a wider toe box and just seem so much more comfortable than the other shoes.

I could probably feed a family in Africa for a couple months on what I paid for them though. If anyone would like to send me free shoes to review, be my guest!

While we were there I mentioned to the sales man that we were going to go to REI to look for cycling shoes for Scott when we were done. He told us that there was a bike shop right across the street called Performance Sports. 

Trevor and I entertained ourselves while Scott looked for shoes.

They had ONE PAIR of shoes in his size. The kind he wanted too! Lucky him! When we went to buy them the salesman said that he thought they would never sell them. Apparently someone had ordered them and they didn't fit so he had returned them. They didn't have a sale price on them but they were $30 less than they said so I think he gave us a deal. Score! Scott also got clip on pedals to go with the shoes to make him an official bike rider now. 

All these hobbies are freaking expensive. But then I guess so is being old and out of shape in the long run. 

After our shopping we were hungry. Scott didn't want to eat a meal since we were going to bbq later. We ended up getting soup and salad from Applebees. Now that I look back I would have been better off getting a low cal entree and not eating the bbq later. Only about 500 calories over today! Ack.  Live and learn. It's a rest day to boot so no exercise to burn it off. 

Tomorrow I will have to put on my new shoes and try them out! 

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Sarah said...

I look as the expense to get healthy as much cheaper than doctor bills! Plus you have to figure how many years of life have you added..or even the quality of life. I know I am a happier person when I run!! Less booze..more running. Yay me!!

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