Saturday, January 12, 2013

Friday Night Date Night

Well Scott is out running the neighborhood doing his couch to 5k! He has his own blog now if you'd like to follow him (just noticed he doesn't have a follow button, we'll fix that soon!) 

Who are we, just a bunch of crazy people running around the neighborhood! I'm excited today to go to Fleet Feet and get some new running shoes! Yesterday was going to be my rest day but when I got home from work it was so pretty outside I felt like I'd just be wasting it if I went and took a nap. Instead I went out and ran a 5k around the neighborhood. I was pretty happy that I didn't have that pulling leg pain that I was having.

This me, after my run, trying to breathe, smile and take a picture of myself all at the same time. Two out of three isn't bad right? That's our small lake in our drive way behind me. Maybe some day before we are 90 we'll get a nice gravel driveway. Every year we say "next year!"

371 calories! Now, what's for dinner??

Scott and I decided to go out on a date night. Sushi anyone? We are all about trying something new every time we go. This time we got all new things to try. We don't even look to see if things are cooked or whatever anymore. To me they all kind of sound the same so it's just a surprise when they come out!

Top is a Philadelphia Roll
Middle Colorado Roll
Bottom is the Godzilla Roll

All were SPICY. Good but spicy. My favorite of these was the Godzilla Roll probably because it was fried, go figure. The Colorado Roll was HUGE around and seemed like it wasn't rolled tight enough. It had a lot of different kinds of fish in it, it was all good though! 

After dinner we decided to go bowling.  The place was pretty packed. Our lane was between people with kids on both sides. 

The ones on the left weren't so bad, just one little guy. The ones on the right I swear had like 10 kids but really it was only 2. How can 2 kids be so freaking annoying? 

Scott and I both picked out a ball to bowl with and of course had to share the ball return area with them. These people LOVED my ball. It was really pissing me off that every time I went up to bowl they were using my f'ing ball. Seriously, if the 10 balls you already have in here aren't working for you TAKE SOME BACK and get another one but leave mine alone!  I finally went and got another "purple" ball so I'd have one to use. And wouldn't you know they used that one too? 

These people have never obviously heard about bowling etiquette. Every time I went up to bowl they would be pushing that ramp thing that little kids use up and back and dancing and shit. It seriously took everything I had to not flip out on them. Scott was like "it's ok it's not a league". 

Yeah whatever. Where's the "no kids" section? 

After our hour of bowling I was ready for a drink but we went to the grocery store real quick to get some breakfast food. By the time we were done I was thinking maybe I'd rather just go home. 

I have given up drinking diet soda (none since new year's eve!), my closet smoking of one cigarette a night (I know, don't judge!) and Scott has quit smoking (almost a week!) so the idea of going to the bar and not getting something with diet soda and going out to have a smoke was a bit much for us. Instead we opted to go home and make popcorn and watch tv. 

Sounds like a bunch of grown ups or something. 

I see the best little quotes on instagram. I love this one! Kind of fitting..

Like popcorn..
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Sarah said...

Your crack me up!! Go out for a casual 5k run...haaa. Love the date night/new ideas!!!

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