Sunday, February 24, 2013

Adventure Day Mt. Diablo

 Today we went on another adventure! We were going to go yesterday but it was super windy. So I played hooky on book club today (since I never read the book anyways) and we hit the road! Melissa opted to NOT go with us this time. No surprise there.

Trevor went with us. I knew it was probably going to be a bit much for him but I figured it was better to get him out than to have him home playing video games all day!

Like usual we had to go through the Altamont Hills (aka the Windmills)  to get out of the valley.

They are so beautiful this time of year all green with blue skies. The first time I saw Teletubbies I thought for sure they must have shot it in our hills.

So today's trip was to go check out Mt. Diablo. I've heard people talk about it and I've been seeing someone on Instagram post pictures from there. Now with a name like Mt. "Diablo" I knew it was probably going to be a little bit out of our league but I figured if nothing else we can walk around and look at the pretty scenery. 

We packed some food this time too so we wouldn't have to leave once everyone got hungry. Good thing too because by the time we got there we were all ready for lunch already!

After lunch we finally found what looked to be an ok trail for us to ride on. 

"Curry Point"

According the hand out the ranger gave us when we came in this suggested ride had "moderate climbs".

We went a ways  got off and walked the bikes up a ways  braked our ways down hills (I'M SUCH a chicken!) and pushed our bikes up more. At one point Scott was half way up a hill taking a "breathing break" and Trevor was behind me near tears and I said "that's it!" and started heading back. 

We got to a fork in the road where it appeared to be flatter and decided to try that side of the trail. I think they just do that to lure you in. That was a fun downhill ride but you know what happens after that? You have to go back up!

probably at least half if not more of our ride looked like that with Trevor pushing his bike up the hills. Half laying on it, DYING. haha

It was pretty though. I think I'd like to maybe just go hiking there.

I look fat because I have 4 layers of shirts on. I left them on the whole time we were there. Brrr

After we finally found out way back out to the truck Scott asked if I wanted to ride on the paved road. The paved road is awesome but I knew there was no way Trevor would be up for that so I told him to find us a nice picnic area and we'd hang out while he went and rode.

Check out this beautiful spot!

Right off a turn in the road. "Bridal Nook Picnic Area". Just the one table set back. Super cool! Trevor threw rocks in the empty stream area while I played on my phone and wondered if this

was poison oak. Still not sure if it is or not but it looks a lot like some pictures online.

After Scott came back we drove up to the summit to check it out.


After we left I was dozing a bit when Scott decided to he wanted to go check out this bike shop. On Saturday we had went to a different one to try some road bikes to see what size I would need and to take one for a ride. He had found a better bike for just a little bit more money at this place. Guess what I got??

Thank you tax return! God knows I can't save money myself to save my soul. Lucky for us this year we got a nice return and this is a pretty nice present for working hard last year ;) I'm thinking I'm way more of a road bike girl than a mountain bike girl. Rocks are scary.

We had a little ride home still after the bike shop and Trevor was sooo tired. He leaned over on me.

I got caught taking this, he opened his eyes a bit. 

Then he crashed all the way out. He's just been dragging all night and I'm pretty sure he's going to sleep well!

After we got home there was just a bit of daylight left so I took my new bike out for a ride around the neighborhood. SO smooth. I love all the gears I hardly had to work at all. I can't wait to take it out on the real road. Too bad I have to work tomorrow!

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

good day!
Last year when after the harsh winter when i took off my parka,sweaters and other assorted layers of clothes everyone noticed the 75lbs weight loss. It was funny.
But not until spring. :-)

elisha_run_run_run said...


Sarah said...

Love your new bike! LOVE! Can't wait to hear about your adventures!


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