Sunday, February 3, 2013

Adventure Day!

Saturday was quite a busy day! 

I woke up to Scott getting ready to go out and run his Couch to 5k. I wanted to get in a run too so I went with him. It wasn't too terribly cold but it was a bit foggy outside. Mostly hanging over the lake.

The good thing about interval running is you can stop to take a picture and then "catch up". Scott was like what are you doing?? lol

A little side note, see that house behind him? It so didn't start out looking like that. They totally remodeled the front to resemble a little Victorian house and it's SO CUTE. I'll have to get a closer pic to share.

I was telling Scott that the neighbor keeps saying how I'm so "thin" every time I see him. It was pretty funny that when we walked by he said it again to both of us. We just laughed!

After he finished his run I left him at the house and went another mile to get in 4 miles for the day. Gotta keep ticking off on my February goal. My knee started bothering me a bit though so I walked a bit. I'm pretty sure it's an IT Band type of pain. Stupid leg.

We ate breakfast and then we decided to go out on an adventure. Scott's been wanting to go out to Del Valle to get in some training for his bike race coming up. Surprisingly Melissa actually wanted to go with us (I was pretty shocked actually she never wants to do anything active) and of course Trevor did too, so we loaded up and headed out. 

The last time I went to Del Valle was probably when I was in early high school. I remember it was hot, dry, and sucked big hairy donkey balls. I even brought it up to my Mom last night and she agreed that that was the way it was when we went.

Imagine my surprise when this is what we saw.

Ummm can you say beautiful??

There was hardly anyone there, other than people along the water and in the water fishing. We got on our bikes and Scott started going up this steep hiking trail. I'm a big freaking baby on the bike and I was like OMG I'M GOING TO DIE!! Not to mention my kids were there in front of me and I thought for sure they were going to die too. 

So the kids and I ended up getting off our bikes to walk up this (hiking type) trail and we finally catch up to him and I'm like um "this is so not for me". I told him he could go ahead if he wanted but um yeah, I'll be down on those paved trails thank you very much. I felt bad but I kind of like my legs working and not in casts.

While we were paused for a moment Melissa was like OMG check out that tree! And then climbed up in it.

Silly kid. She loves climbing trees. 

We had to walk our bikes back down the trail.

and then we all (Scott was nice and stayed with us) rode around on the paved trails and the roads. The kids were tired after a bit. We left them at the truck to go explore a bit more and realized that we could have went one road farther and there were a ton more paved trails. We also went and checked out the camping area. It's all so pretty! Although in the middle of the summer I have a feeling it's all dead and dry and hot. 

We got home just in time for me to take a shower and go to my Mom's house for a girl's night in. My Mom had invited my sister in laws and me (and Melissa) over for dinner and a movie. She made us a nice dinner of  baked chicken, salad and scalloped potatoes. I haven't had her scalloped potatoes in FOREVER. They were really good. 

My Mom had a ton of candy and cookies and crap out on the counter. I stayed away from all that until right before we left and I had one mini Reese's. I did however have popcorn and a little ice cream sundae in a waffle cone cup. Ugh. Food food food. 

I took Hope Springs since that is what she asked me to bring. 

It was a good movie but kind of depressing. A lot of it is how I felt for years. YEARS and we weren't even old. I'm glad things are looking up around here a bit because life is just too short to live that way. 

I also got Pitch Perfect because Melissa was begging to get it. 

I had already seen it, but that movie is freaking hilarious so I didn't mind watching it again. Sadly I feel asleep about the last 10 minutes of it but honestly I'm surprised I lasted that long with all we did that day!

Today we are going to a friend's house to watch the Super Bowl. She's making us some Italian Margarita's (I hope, I put in my order :wink:) so I'm sure I won't be losing any weight this weekend.

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Kim said...

We rented pitch perfect last night and me and the 3 yr old loved it! We watched it 3 times in 24 hrs! I might have to buy it.

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