Saturday, February 16, 2013

Bay Breeze 10k

I'll have to go back to my Tahoe trip later because I can't keep up!

Today I had another 10K! The Bay Breeze  

Scott was also signed up to run, his first 5k!

We got up at the crack of dark and made our way over to Fremont and the Quarry Lakes Recreational Area. One fun thing about all these races is seeing places so close that we never knew about. 

I got to meet up with a girl from instagram @bunny_hop321 She was running the half marathon and I found her a few minutes before the horn went off! Super nice girl! It's so fun meeting people from social networks! New friends!!

Then we had another 20 minutes before my race started. Sadly mine started before Scott's so I didn't get to see him taking off. 

It was FREEZING when we first took off. Of course, by the time I was done I had my sweatshirt off. I have decided I need to either put my bib on my leg or get a zip up sweatshirt so I don't have to repin my bib.

The race went around the Quarry. I felt really good for most of the race but the last stretch was hard. 

I had a hard time breathing and the end was all up hill. Usually I can sprint out the end but really I was happy just to be running. 

1:07:47 36th in my age group out of 59 

Being the oldest in your age group kind of sucks. The winner of all the women though was 44 and ran it in like 44 minutes. DAMNNN

I was rewarded with an It's it though. I haven't had one of those in FOREVER. Totally worth the 300 something calories. (don't mind that weird puff of hair on the side of my head. WTH?)

Scott did really well and finished in under 35 minutes. His goal was to finish in 40 and I think he SQUASHED that goal!!

Did you run a race today? I love race weekends!!

Now to get signed up for the next one!

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